Invest in the Arts. Invest in the Future.

Strengthening Roanoke’s future through a legacy of meaningful support of community arts and culture.
“If we can build a strong Roanoke Cultural Endowment, arts and culture nonprofit organizations in the Roanoke Valley will have a permanent source of funding that will persist in perpetuity. After our endowment reaches $20 million dollars, RCE will be able to award up to 5% of the endowment each year.

Just think what this could do for our arts and cultural organizations on a steady basis. For the Roanoke community more broadly, this endowment ensures that the arts — and the wake of their positive impact on our community — is permanent.“ Nancy O. Gray

President Emerita, Hollins University, RCE Board Member

The arts make a difference in our region that takes form in two outcomes: they connect every one of us as human beings, and together, the arts propel our economy. This study sends a clear and welcome message: the arts are an investment that delivers both community well being and economic vitality. Katherine Fralin

Board Member, Roanoke Cultural Endowment

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Why Arts & Culture?

Supporting the arts & culture translates to huge benefits for our community, including social impact, quality of life, business growth, talent retention, and many more.


of American adults agree that the arts are a part of a well-rounded education.


believe students should receive an education in the arts in elementary, middle, and high school.


say the arts should also be taught outside of the classroom in the community.

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